First week activities

Activity Plan: Computer Basics

Objective: The Computer Basics Activity Plan aims to empower individuals with disabilities by providing foundational skills in using computers and digital technology. This plan is designed to enhance their independence, communication, and access to information.

Participant Goals:

  1. Digital Literacy: Develop basic digital literacy skills to navigate and interact with computer systems.
  2. Communication: Foster communication skills through email, messaging, and basic social media platforms.
  3. Information Access: Enable access to information through internet browsing and online resources.
  4. Independence: Promote independent use of assistive technologies to enhance daily living.


  1. Introduction to Computer Hardware and Software:
    • Learn about the basic components of a computer.
    • Understand the purpose and functionality of essential software applications.
  2. Keyboard and Mouse Proficiency:
    • Practice keyboard typing skills.
    • Develop proficiency in using a mouse or alternative pointing devices.
  3. Digital Literacy Workshops:
    • Explore file management and organization.
    • Understand common file formats and applications.
  4. Communication Skills Enhancement:
    • Create and manage an email account.
    • Practice sending and receiving emails.
  5. Introduction to social media:
    • Explore basic social media platforms for communication and social connection.
  6. Internet Browsing and Research:
    • Learn safe internet browsing practices.
    • Conduct basic online research.
  7. Introduction to Assistive Technologies:
    • Explore and configure accessibility settings.
    • Learn to use assistive technologies tailored to individual needs.


Review: The plan will be regularly reviewed to accommodate changes in participant goals, preferences, or technological advancements.

This sample plan can be adjusted based on the specific needs, preferences, and abilities of the individual participants. Always consider the unique circumstances of each person when creating activity plans within the framework of the NDIS.

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