Household Tasks

Includia’s Household Tasks support service is designed to provide assistance with various domestic responsibilities, ensuring a comfortable and well-maintained living environment for NDIS participants.

Our Service Includes:


Professional assistance to maintain a clean and organised living space, promoting a hygienic and pleasant home environment.

Meal Preparation

Enjoy nutritious and customised meal plans, prepared to meet individual dietary preferences and nutritional requirements.

Shopping Assistance

Receive support with grocery shopping and other essential errands, ensuring a well-stocked and accessible household.

Laundry Services

Assistance with laundry tasks, from washing to folding, to lighten the load and ensure clean and fresh clothing.

Home Organization

Support in organizing living spaces, creating an efficient and clutter-free environment that suits individual preferences.

Includia’s Household Tasks service aims to enhance the quality of life by managing domestic responsibilities, allowing participants to focus on other aspects of their well-being and independence.